Play Money – Practice Poker with Free Play Money

Betting money on a poker game for the very first time can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you are not yet very familiar with all the rules. The pressure of having to keep up with everything in the game, while at the same time trying  not to lose your hard-earned money, can sometimes be a little overwhelming and, as a result, put you off the game.

For this reason, online poker rooms introduced play money tables, thereby giving new players the opportunity to get acquainted with the game, the rules and the poker strategy involved. Play money tables resemble real money tables in every way, apart from the real money aspect of course. Therefore, they provide the perfect platform for novice players to experience the game, learn about the hand rankings and get used to the game-flow.

Nowadays, beginning poker players can find a seemingly endless supply of materials aimed at making them a more accomplished player, including poker books, strategy articles, and even poker programs like Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. As helpful and maybe even vital as some of these aids may be, nothing can compare to the understanding you gain from actively playing the game. Furthermore, play money poker is not restricted to just one poker variation. Many poker rooms offer a large variety of poker games to choose from, so once you feel like you have mastered Texas Hold'em, for example, why not give Omaha Poker a go.

At play money tables, all the new players receive the same number of chips, which are provided by the poker room. All the chips you win get accumulated in your play money account, which will allow you to move up in limits, play against more accomplished opponents and gain more insight into the game. Should the unfortunate event ever arise where you find yourself having lost all your play money chips, there is nothing to worry about, as the poker room will simply supply you with more free chips and you can start rebuilding your bankroll.

One thing to remember at the play money tables is to be patient. No poker pro was born overnight, and the more time you spend gaining experience and working on your poker skills, the more successful you will be once you enter the world of real money poker. And never forget, improving your poker skills is a never ending process. As the popular poker proverb, the game ‘takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master‘.

Here is a Quick Start guide on how to get the best software to play poker online.